Get it Ready Tucson Remodeling Contractor Specializing in Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling


Get it Ready Tucson Remodeling Contractor as Ready-Bath

Specializing in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodel Contractor as Ready-Bath. Offering Home Improvements-Handyman Services
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 License ROC 294500-Bonded-Insured

Tucson, Arizona 

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Specialize in Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling

Specialize in Residential Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling, exchange replace, or install a walk-in shower-pan-tub-toilet-faucets-sinks-vanities-cabinets, preparation and flooring, install of ceramic tile-laminate-vinyl, windows-doors, and added baseboards.  Exchange, replace, install kitchen cabinets, counter tops, island, tile-back splash, crown molding, and a fresh coat of paint.  From preparation for investment property to sell, buy, show, flip, or rent,  create or divide for additional space-walls, room remodeling;  painting, drywall, tape-texture, build an entertainment shelving,  Get it Ready Tucson Remodeling Contractor is here to help you with your multiple projects. Our Crew provides superb services and repairs with a guarantee workmanship finish. License ROC 294500, Bonded, Insured....Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Tucson, Arizona 


Communication is Key..we look forward to working with you!

Get it Ready, LLC is a family owned business and brings 15 plus years of home repairs, remodeling, renovations, residential improvements, and maintenance experience, so we've seen it all! Remodeling, Renovation, and Home improvements often starts out with the need to replace a leaking faucet, exchange a toilet, or replace a chipped counter top, adding a fresh coat of paint, and ends up with replacement of doors, kitchen cabinets and flooring.  From small projects to big ones, we've got your needs covered. We can help you out with just a simple caulking the tub or windows, install shelves or blinds, to remodeling for a new home shine; painting, laminate-vinyl-ceramic flooring installation, add base-tile molding, drywall-tape-texture, exchange toilets, bathroom tubs, showers,  and light fixtures. Also, providing block cuts in preparation of a gate, add perforated sheet metal screening to doors, fence line, and entry way Our crew are also more than happy to answer any of your questions along the way. Get it Ready, LLC is business license as Commercial-Residential Remodeling Contractor, carries General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Bonded. George, Member, advanced his trade with Arizona Registrar of Contractors License, ROC 294500, Class CR-61 Commercial-Residential Remodeling and Repair Contractor, Carpentry, Remodeling and Repairs, and General Remodeling and Repair Contractor. Tucson Remodeling Contractor, Bathroom Remodeling, and Kitchen Remodel


2 Years Workmanship Guaranteed...why should I hire a licensed contractor?

Get it Ready Remodeling Contractor Commercial-Residential, provides 2-years workmanship guarantee for labor only of line item job over 1,000.  Will repair, free of charge, work performed.  Excludes materials, acts of God, ground shifting, or alteration by others.  There is no other guarantees expressed, implied, for consequential damages of any nature or kind.  

Specializing in Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling.  Offering carpentry, drywall, painting, installation of doors, windows, flooring..laminate-ceramic tile-planks, and vinyl.  Exchanging or installing a new kitchen counter tops, cabinets, or bathroom vanity, custom tile or pre-fab shower, exchanging or installing a new tub and pony wall. Providing incidental plumbing and electrical.     

Why should I hire a licensed contractor?

Contracting by unlicensed entities occurs every day and all too often the consumer loses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. What's worse, you, as the property owner, have no recourse through AZ ROC if you hire an unlicensed entity.

Hiring a licensed contracting professional offers many additional protections to the property owner, especially regarding residential property. First, a contractor cannot obtain a license without possessing a minimum amount of experience and must pass a business management test. The applicant is also subjected to a criminal history background check, may be required to take a trade examination, and must not have any unresolved contracting complaints outstanding. Tucson, Arizona Remodeling..Specializing in Bathroom Remodeling

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License AZ ROC 294500-Bonded-Insured

Offering Free Scheduled Estimate or Consultation, When in Area for Remodeling Contractor-Renovation-Home Improvements of Multi Projects.  Excludes Handyman Services (Book Now Online) Tucson Remodeling bathroom remodeling kitchen remodel , Non-Property Owner,  Insurance Claim Bid Only, and Realtor or Owner Buy-Sell Negotiation.  Thank you for the opportunity, and we look forward to working with you!

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