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Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Bathroom Remodeling by Get it Ready-Bath, Tucson, Arizona

Get it Ready, LLC Tucson Remodeling Contractor-Commercial-Residential as Get it Ready-Bath

Specializing in Bathroom Remodeling of complete multi project of renovation for a shine of a new, your choice of a custom ceramic tile walk-in shower and pan with glass sliding bathroom shower door installation..make it the new sliding glass barn doors with the big rollers or stationary.  Add accent or waterfall decorative mosaic lines, let us build a custom shower bench seat for convenience, update your shower fixtures, add grab bars, exchange lighting to recess, create a pony wall for division of space or seamless glass window,  or dream of Installing a sleek stand alone modern or a dateless claw foot bathroom tub. Bathroom Remodeling as Get it Ready-Bath in it's entirety from incidental plumbing or electrical, drywall repair, painting the walls with your choice of color palette, exchanging  medicine cabinets to baseboards for a clean shine.  Adding a new vanity with stylish cabinets or bowl sink, and installing new flooring.  Let us install your pre-fab shower  or bath kits.  You can Book Now Online for just individual bathroom home improvement needs.. exchanging a toilet, sinks, or faucets.    

Get it Ready brings many years of professional experience for your Kitchen Remodel, updating for a fresh modern or country style kitchen remodeling, your choice, of new counter-tops (excludes granite), build or install a custom island, cut-in painting, carpentry for shelving or spice rack, installing new cabinets, install tile back splash, or add a shiny stove vent, exchange to modern kitchen pendant lights for sparkling finish, and install new laminate planks, ceramic tile, or vinyl flooring.   Book Now Online to exchange a sink and drain, or faucet, to hanging kitchen cabinets. 

Get it Ready Remodeling Contractor leaves a workmanship guarantee, that you are going to love! Tucson, Arizona

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Renovation-Home Improvement

Bathroom Remodeling-Renovation by Get it Ready Tucson Remodeling Contractor, Tucson, Arizona

Get it Ready, LLC Renovation and Home Improvement

Provides Renovation-Home Improvement for multi projects, from minor demo, removal and disposal of debris, carpentry, painting, exchanging sinks, toilets, faucets, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, windows, doors, and installing flooring.  Spot patch drywall repairs throughout to replacing drywall, tape, and texture, caulking around sinks and tubs.  

Renovation for a clean and neat finish to flip, rent, sell, show your investment, or just to live in. .  Get it Ready works closely through communication to build trust with integrity of a job well done for our customers, clients, and investors...who are looking for  residential home improvements.   Upon request providing, before-during- after date-time stamp digital photos (we learned that in our REO Property Preservation days! 

 Our Members and Crew brings many years of professional experience and skills in Renovation and Home Improvement,  from a tragedy of an investment property burning down, to cleaning it up to replacing it for a much needed remodeled  office.  And with in the same time-frame, selling their own home of 20+ years, to move into an investment property with a much needed remodel, in hopes of the retirement days.  

  Get it Ready, LLC works closely for required permits and drawing as we have built decks and awnings, to alterations-modification for an additional room, adding windows and patio doors, installing flooring, painting,  drywall, to adding a laundry and bathroom facilities, to a full basement kitchen-bedroom-living room remodeling for a family member, to screening porches.  


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Handyman Services

Get it Ready Tucson Remodeling Contractor offers Home Improvements-Handyman Service online

Get it Ready offers Remodeling Contractor, Home Improvement,  Renovation, and Handyman Services-Book Now Online-Pricing -Schedule

We are a family owned business and brings years of  Handyman Services, so we've seen it all..from small projects to big ones, we've got your needs covered.   We can help you out with just a simple caulking, sealing, add shelving or racks, assembling furniture, hang sun screens or shades, exchange a filter, smoke detector, or light bulbs, hang a TV, repairing a gate.  installing single room carpet and pad, replacing sub-flooring from water damage, install new ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate-planks, and vinyl sheeting flooring.  Offering block wall cuts in preparation for a gate, welding (non-rated) for security bars, adding closures, and springs to a gate, or perforated sheet metal to a fence line or entry way for decorative privacy.  

Pricing and convenience of scheduling online,  Book Now for Handyman Services, block wall cuts, add perforated sheet metal to gate-fence-entry way, welding (non-rated), exchanging kitchen faucet, garbage disposal, sink and drain, installed new pre-assembled cabinets, install butcher block or laminate counter tops, exchange bathroom faucet, toilet, sink and drain, replace a vanity, or install a pre fab tub or shower surround, install a single room carpet and pad, sub flooring, laminate planks, vinyl sheet, ceramic and porcelain tile, grout, and sealed, base and crown molding or trim, interior or exterior painting, spot patch mud drywall and replaced, tape and textured drywall, install pre hung doors or windows, and exchange a vent, ceiling fan. Exchanging a vent or ceiling fan.

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Get it Ready Pricing Home Improvements-Handyman, Tucson, AZ

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Get it Ready Remodeling Contractor

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