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Licensed Remodeling Contractor in Tucson


Who we are Get it Ready, LLC is family owned, local business, offering Licensed Remodeling Contractor, Home Improvement and Renovation Services in Tucson, Arizona for Commercial-Residential, Specializing in Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling as Ready-Bath, Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, AZ

George and Kim both worked many years in management and business, owning several investment rentals of their own, during times of spiraling downward economy, something compelled us, we give credit to God's hand, to make a change, make the challenge, and opt for the American Dream of owning our own business.

In 2009, we hit the ground running, our family worked with us to provide Real Estate Owned Property Preservation Services, with many long hours and hard-work but with the satisfaction of taking care of homes that sat vacant, and meeting a great client base of Realtors, Investors, and Property Management Groups.

As we went, my George, always had a knack for fixing-improving-repairing. The Grand kids would say, give it to Papa he can fix anything!  With his conservative and frugal soul...working, maintenance, and repairing our rental projects and home projects..he insisted on not throwing things away that could be repaired or re-purposed.  We found this character rewarding, and moved to offering Handyman in Tucson.  

Get it Ready hired additional skilled employees.  I handled the office and scheduling, keeping all in-line and organized...ya right.  George continued and worked to received his Arizona Contractor's License, Commercial-Residential Remodeling, Carpentry-Repairs, ROC 294500, CR-61.

In the year 2016, we experienced a fire in one of our rental properties.  Being optimist, and within a couple of years, our crew worked hard to clean it up, and replaced it with our new office.  With provision of plenty of laboring and remodeling skills of the task at hand, they did an incredible job to make it happen.  We love the space, and our office!

Going on our 10 years anniversary, Get it Ready is going through a re-branding.  When glancing our previous jobs,  we realized the many custom bathroom remodeling job that were done through the years, from walk-in tile showers, pans, and glass door installation, installing vanities, flooring, toilets, faucets, sinks, painting, drywall, etc....and  the kitchen remodeling of replacing cabinets, counter tops, flooring, stove vents, and sinks, etc. we moved quickly to file for trade name Ready-Bath, and specializing in Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling.  We painted our fleet of trucks,  changed business cards, brochures, and advertisement.  As advised, we changed our domain from get it to get it ready in hopes of presenting our new image....this has been very challenging  for the re-direction, but it is coming along.  Also, as a Remodeling Contractor,  there are many expenses for higher wages, licensing, and insurance, so Get it Ready moved their continued great skilled services for Home Improvement and Renovation to our website as Book Now, providing  pricing for transparency and scheduling for convenience.  We still offer free scheduled estimates for remodeling or multi-projects.  This was a fun and creative process....Ready-Bath really reflects the professional image of the skills and experience that Get it Ready, LLC offers.  

We count our blessing everyday for the road that we are traveling. And contribute our success to our loyal employees for their commitment, dedication, hard-work, long hours, with integrity. And thankful to our customers, friends, and family for their business-referrals of confidence of a job well done.

  Get it Ready is here to help you with your  projects. Our Crew provides superb services and improvements with a guarantee workmanship finish.  Get it Ready carries a business license as Commercial-Residential Remodeling Contractor, General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Bonded. George, Member, advanced his trade with Arizona Registrar of Contractors License, ROC 294500 Class CR-61 Residential Remodeling  and Repair Contractor, Carpentry, Remodeling & Repairs, and General Remodeling & Repair Contractor, Commercial and Residential,  License ROC 294500, Bonded, Insured, and Better Business Bureau Members.